UPDATED 5-20-2020
Our first priority at Kopetsky Auto Wash is the safety and welfare of our community and our employees. We provide a safe an environmentally friendly way to wash vehicles to help prevent the spread of the virus, as cars can be a common contact surface. To protect both customers and employees and to give back to those who are giving their all in this fight we will make the following changes:  

  1. Humpday for Healthcare:  Free Wash Wednesdays For Healthcare Workers & First Responders:  Our Healthcare Workers & First Responders put themselves at daily risk of coming into contact with COVID-19 from many sources and surfaces.  Kopetsky Auto Wash wants to thank them for their service by keeping their PERSONAL vehicles clean that they use to travel back and forth to work.  Therefore, all Healthcare Workers and First Responders need only to hold up their work identification from inside their PERSONAL vehicle and they will receive a free wash until further notice.  Excludes ambulances, police vehicles, fire trucks and other commercial emergency vehicles.
  2. No Human Contact:  We are temporarily closing the Cashier Window and thus customers will be able to maintain their vehicles with NO HUMAN CONTACT.  Klean Club & Quick Pass members along with single wash purchases will be serviced at our two pay stations. 
  3. No Touch Options:  Both the Quick Pass (single wash club) & Klean Club Unlimited Membership options rely on license plate recognition.  Once enrolled, customers do not have to touch any screens, roll down their window or come in contact with any staff.  Just pull up and the system will read your plate and open the gate.  New customers may learn more and join either Membership option by visiting our website at kwash.com. For the first visit after joining, customers can pull up to either pay station and scan the code provided via email, insert their preferred credit card for future charges and our system will complete their enrollment and open the gate.
  4. Sanitization:  Pay stations are sanitized a minimum of once every half hour.  Vacuums are sanitized a minimum of once per hour.
  5. Every Other FREE Vacuum Station is Currently Open to maintain social distancing
  6. Limited Employees On Site:  To maintain social distancing, we will reduce our staff to the bare minimum required for operation.  We appreciate your understanding that this may affect our onsite response time for those needing assistance.  

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